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I’m here to guide  you! I am a non-fiction writer with special skills and interests in diary writing, mentoring and editing. My PhD in Creative Writing explores how the personal diary can be a self-help and therapeutic tool, and provide a valuable resource for writing a book.

I encourage everyone, of every age, to write about their life. Some people think their life has been ‘nothing special’ but my experience is that everyone’s life counts. Often I witness people, who claim their life has been ‘ordinary’, write the most extraordinary story – and proceed to walk with an extra spring in their step. If you have experienced trauma or illness, writing can assist healing and re-focusing on the beauty in life. I am here to guide you in achieving this.

EVERYBODY has a story to tell. Contact me today and you will be on the way to recording YOUR story.

Dr June Alexander

Writing for Healing
Writing your Story

Providing guidance in exploring diary writing and storytelling for self-healing and personal fulfilment, and as therapy for trauma and associated mental health challenges

Doctor of Philosophy. Author. Writing Mentor.

What other Diary Healers say

“June Alexander’s exquisite work fills an important gap in the eating disorder book shelf. I just wish she could have written her books earlier. I know that June’s words would have helped me a lot in my own recovery!” – Jenni Schaefer

“As a diary-keeper and a member of the international eating disorder community I welcome this exploration of writing, especially for communicating with our own selves as a life skill as well as a therapeutic one…” – Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh

“June combines her dual experience of someone with a lived experience of an eating disorder and trained in clear reflective expression to help people recover from an eating disorder.” – Janet Treasure


June Alexander has appeared in multiple videos and podcasts to discuss the benefits of writing. Explore samples here: Podcasts and Videos

See June’s most recent appearance on Australian Broadcasting Commission’s 7.30 Report televised on January 22, 2020.

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