Providing guidance for exploring diary writing and storytelling as therapy for trauma and associated mental health challenges

Doctor of Philosophy. Author. Writing Mentor.


I am Dr June Alexander and I am a non-fiction writer. My special skills and interests are in diary writing, mentoring and editing. My PhD in Creative Writing explores how the personal diary can be a self-help and therapeutic tool, and provide a valuable resource for writing a book.
I encourage everyone, of every age, to write about their life. Some people think their life has been ‘nothing special’ but my experience is that everyone’s life counts. Often I witness people, who claim their life has been ‘ordinary’, write the most extraordinary story – and proceed to walk with an extra spring in their step. If you have experienced trauma or illness, writing can assist healing and re-focusing on the beauty in life. I am here to guide you in achieving this.
EVERYBODY has a story to tell and this includes YOU.

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