About Diana Beaudet

Diana has experienced eating disorders and recovery firsthand, with herself and her daughter. She co-founded The Diary Healer website with June Alexander and has written several blog posts based on her personal experiences in the hope that sharing her stories will give others a sense of community and connection, and give herself some perspective and healing along the way. If you would like to contact Diana, she can be reached at dbeaudet@gmail.com

Supporting friends and family with eating disorders

Many individuals recovering from eating disorders, and families assisting their children and teens through recovery, receive little support and outreach during this difficult process. People tend to shy away from those with eating disorders and other mental illnesses because there isn’t a solid understanding of what the illnesses are and how seriously they can impact […]

Perceived utility of genetic counseling for individuals with eating disorders

  Opportunity to participate in research by Julianne Elizabeth Streukens Eating disorders are complex in how they are caused, developing from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. However, they are frequently perceived as being under the control of those individuals with them, resulting in public blame, dislike, and anger towards individuals with eating disorders […]

Cultivating compassion for oneself through letter-writing: A welcome and helpful strategy for people with eating disorders

by Allison C. Kelly, Ph.D. and Sydney Waring, M.A. Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo, Canada Many people with Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and other eating disorders do not seek formal treatment. Some reasons for not seeking help are external to the individual – for example, a lack of available and accessible treatments – whereas others […]