The innovative “Plate-by-Plate Approach” offers guidance for parents nourishing their child through an eating disorder

By Wendy Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD and Casey Crosbie, RD, CSSD I wish this meal-time guidance provided by Wendy and Casey had been available when I was age 11 and an eating disorder was raging and embedding in my brain. Together with the support of Family-based Treatment, my parents would have felt confident and empowered […]

Intersectionality and eating disorders: Recognizing the impact on the LGBTQIA* community

by Sarah Wirth Eating disorders, like all mental illnesses, are intersectional. They affect people of all ethnicities, ages, sexualities and gender identities. Despite this, the historically based idea that eating disorders predominantly affect affluent, white, heterosexual women persists today. This sectional understanding of eating disorders is highly problematic. It results in the eating disorder experiences […]