How diary excerpts became the voice in a book about eating disorders

By June Alexander Excerpts shared by 70 diarists for my book, Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders—The Diary Healer, told compelling stories of struggle and courage. Each of the diarists, like myself, had experienced an eating disorder. My challenge was to locate leads within the stories, and combine them, through paraphrasing and selected […]

Securing trust when writing a non-fiction story – feeling safe enough to share innermost thoughts and feelings

By June Alexander Securing of trust is essential when recovering from an eating disorder, and likewise it is essential when we are writing stories about the illness. Today I will describe the ways in which trust was integral to the writing of my book Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders – The Diary […]

The innovative “Plate-by-Plate Approach” offers guidance for parents nourishing their child through an eating disorder

By Wendy Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD and Casey Crosbie, RD, CSSD I wish this meal-time guidance provided by Wendy and Casey had been available when I was age 11 and an eating disorder was raging and embedding in my brain. Together with the support of Family-based Treatment, my parents would have felt confident and empowered […]