Diary writing for healing

Sometimes, writing about an experience can be easier than talking about it. I have kept a diary since the age of 12. As I grew into adolescence and adulthood, writing helped me sort my thoughts, ease my load, put things in perspective and illuminate the road ahead.

For guidance in acquiring skills to use your diary writing for self-healing and growth, write to me today at june@junealexander.com. Through personally-tailored online mentoring, you will learn about using your diary for Writing for Self, Writing for Therapy, and how to begin Sharing Your Story

Writing as a way of expressing emotions instead of repressing them can help you feel better about yourself. I can help you to learn and acquire skills to help you trace feelings back to traumatic events, reflect on them, and defuse their power to affect you in the present.

Healing may involve uncovering and addressing deeply entrenched thoughts and beliefs, as well as discovering and confronting mysteries from your past as well as your present. Your diary can store these pieces and preserve them until you feel ready to reflect on and revisit them. I can help you use your diary to nurture this process, helping you to see your life from all sides and, eventually, put suffering into a context that allows you to live fully in the present.

Some therapies use diary writing as part of homework, but few specialize in diary therapy, which relies almost solely on writing in diary. A primary focus in diary writing therapy is to develop intimacy with, and be truthful to, self. I can assist this process, and help to ease deep-seated feelings of shame and stigma that may be the cause of resistance to engaging in therapeutic work.

The diary, besides providing a self-reflective resource, can help to fill the gaps between consultation sessions with your treatment team.  If you are a health practitioner or care-giver, a Practitioner’s and Caregiver’s Guide provides insights on how diary writing can enrich your care toolkit.

To hear how diary writing has helped me to heal from an eating disorder, listen here as I speak to Ruth Nelson on the Creating Space Project podcast series.

What other Diary Healers say

“I could not have written my recovery memoir without your heartfelt support and literary expertise. My emotions were so heightened and my thoughts ran wild and you helped me find my voice and organize my thoughts…

“I want to advise anyone who is considering writing their story to open their hearts and let the words flow… June will carry you through and be beside you every step of the way. Just start writing your thoughts down.. .think of all those sufferers you will help. June will help you with the sequence of your story formatting.” – Holly Curtis