Ghost writing a memoir

Ghost writing: I can create your story for you

Do you want to document and preserve your story in a memoir, but want or need someone else to do most or all of the work for you? I am here to help. Remember, the most important first step is to start!

Considerations that determine the cost include the level of your participation and contribution, and your desire for completion of a quality memoir in a set timeframe.

Factors include:

  • Preliminary research – have you started to gather and compile a list of resource material (such as diaries, letters, articles and pictures)?
  • Memoir drafting – have you made a start on writing your story? If so, have much have you written?
  • Participation – do you wish to work collaboratively in creating the text, or for me to do all of the writing for you?
  • Preparation for publishing – the final edit.

The cost in producing a quality memoir

A quality memoir may cost about $10,000 for each 100 pages; this fee is negotiable, depending on your contribution and involvement. This may seem a high financial outlay but when you think about it, the value of preserving your life story is priceless. For instance, if I could have had one wish regarding items left by my grandparents or my parents, it would be that they had created a memoir for me to keep safe and to read and share with my children and their children and so on, through the generations. Writing a memoir helps the memoirist to know who they are, and helps descendants who read the memoir to understand their place in the family, and to know who they are, too.


Mentoring hours and fees are negotiated in an initial free consultation via email, phone or Skype.

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Following the initial consultation, my mentoring fee is $US80/hour, payable two hours in advance.

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