Memoir writing

A diarist writes today with no certainty of what tomorrow will bring. A memoirist, however, contains their story within a framework that has a beginning and an end. As a life-writing mentor, I am here to help you write your memoir. My services include:

  • Assisting your memoir-writing process at every stage from initial idea to completion;
  • Specific advice and mentoring support;
  • Review of a story synopsis or manuscript proposal;
  • Proof reading;
  • Structural editing and copyediting.

My role as a writing mentor encompasses everything from reading, writing responses and editing passages to presenting workshops and providing private consultations.

Excitingly, everyone has a story to tell, including you. You are the only person who can tell your truth from within, as you see it. Creating your story usually requires much research, soul-searching and contemplation. The process may be painful but also healing, cathartic and liberating. Writing a memoir is an opportunity to re-connect, explore, unravel and repackage memories, including some that may have been suppressed since childhood. Guidance with this narrative process can promote self-compassion, self-understanding, self-awareness and self-belief.

If you have kept a diary, even spasmodically, this can serve as a major resource in creating your story. However, if you have not kept a diary, there are many other resources that you can draw on to help piece your story together. The challenge, in whatever resource material you have at hand, is to pick up the threads and themes and weave them into a story that you, as the writer (and your publisher, if appropriate) believes will appeal to and connect with readers. Many re-writes may occur in selecting raw material, structure and content. Much of the daily repetition and drudgery is culled during this importance process, which may also bring rewards of healing and nurturing on your memoir journey.

Importantly, remember that if you have not kept a diary, or have lost or misplaced it, do not despair for there are many other ways to gather information that will inspire and help you to create a meaningful memoir.

As a life-writing mentor, I can help you to write and preserve your story – for your safekeeping only, or for family and friends, or for the world at large.

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