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NARATIVE WORKSHOPS: Using the diary as a self-help power tool

“I am so happy you were able to facilitate our workshop! It was a very informative and engaging event. I know we each left the workshop with wonderful confidence in the process and excited to start keeping a journal. What a gift you have shared with us.”

Michelle Morales, Parent Peer Mentor, Western New York Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders

“The chatter today has been about how good your workshop was and how we can make use of the diary and the skills… so you have left us all with good memories and lots of tools to support our work people who use the service...I have discovered that one of our patient participants has taken to diary writing like a duck to water and is using it daily to support her recovery….”

Dr. Ciarán Newell, Consultant Nurse Eating Disorders/Facilitator Research and Development at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Diary/journal writing is an important self-help and nurturing tool to have in one’s toolbox whether a health practitioner, caregiver or patient.

Mentoring is provided in groups and also individually. For more details contact us.

The workshops and private mentoring sessions are individually tailored to meet the needs of people who are seeking self-help skills in overcoming or coping with daily mental health challenges such as an eating disorder or simply seeking to get in touch more with one’s true self.

Health practitioners

Eating disorders treatment can be enhanced when the patient and treatment team are versed in diary-writing techniques and become collaborative in the use of the narrative.

The workshop explores:

  • How the diary, when used in a therapeutic relationship built on trust, can facilitate recovery by being a voice for the patient and a data-gathering tool for the therapist
  • The role of the diary as both friend and foe during the recovery process.
  • How different forms of writing may be incorporated into the therapist-patient relationship process.

Excerpts from the book, Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders – The Diary Healer, will seed discussion on how the diary can be integrated into treatment and recovery.


June draws on personal examples to illustrate the therapeutic benefits of maintaining a diary throughout the 44 years she lived with an eating disorder and eventually healed from it.

Participants will practise techniques that:

  • Encourage connection between mind and body
  • Promote self-care and self-love
  • Aid recognition of eating disorder thoughts and true-self thoughts
  • Help identify and confront secrets, which can be debilitating when suppressed over time
  • Guide you in deciding when the time is right to share your story

Focus will be on using the diary as a power tool for freedom.

Different types of diary-writing will be explored, including the expansion of private journal writing into a public arena through use of blogs and social media. We will discuss story-sharing and how to achieve this in a safe and secure way.


This workshop explores caregivers can use their diary to assist in maintaining wellness and wellbeing while fulfilling the vital role of caring for a loved one. This interactive session will include tasks that assist in:

  • Development of writing skills
  • Using the diary as a debrief and recording tool
  • Empathy in coping with and mastering challenges in supporting a loved one to achieve readiness for recovery, the recovery process, and recovery maintenance
  • Opportunity for self-expression which helps you maintain the knowledge that your loved one may have an eating disorder but they are first and foremost a person in their own right
  • Guidance in reflecting on where you have been, where you are and where you hope to go – to help gain a fresh perspective.

 To make the most of your workshop experience, all you need is a:

  • Notebook and pen; or
  • Smartphone, iPad or laptop

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop with June, please signup below or contact us.