Online narrative workshop series

Online narrative workshop series to start September 1st | Register now to get Early Bird rate!

Would you like to connect with like-minded others in a safe and supportive online environment? If so, read on! I am delighted to announce an online course in writing for adults aged 18 and over, who have or are in recovery from an eating disorder. This new course explores writing as a self-help and therapeutic tool.  This is a closed, small group situation, in a supported and safe environment where you can share with others in similar circumstances. The course, which will be offered in four blocks comprising six sessions each, has evolved from the narrative research accomplished in my PhD, and will draw on my creative work, Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders.

The first session will commence on September 1st 2019.  

  • Discount rate for first 12 people to enrol
  • The series comprises four blocks of six weekly sessions each — offered at an Introductory price of $20 per session ($120 per six-session block, to be paid in advance one block at a time). 
  • You gain access to a weekly presentation/discussion by June Alexander on the topic for that week (that is, six presentations over six weeks for a total of $120), and at least one narrative exercise each week. 
  • In addition, you gain access to the secret closed group on Facebook where you can connect and engage with other participants if you wish to do so, share your responses/questions to the session and of course, post messages any time you want to, in this supportive, safe group (monitoring will be provided to ensure safety at all times).
  • To enrol, email me directly for session details, enrolment and payment details.

Make your experience with an Eating Disorder count – Write your Story

Do you have a history of eating disorders and want to document your experience? Writing your story with a mentor can be a wonderful self-help tool for assisting your own ongoing healing. Also, if you decide to share your story publicly, you can also help and inspire others.

I am glad I wrote and shared my story for it has opened up a whole new world and has enabled me to live truly authentically. Most recently I did a PhD to add academic credibility to my strong belief that story-telling from the voices of experience is an untapped resource in seeking answers to eating disorders.

The publication of my memoir, A Girl Called Tim, in 2011 led to an amazing magic carpet ride which has involved living my life from the inside out — for 44 years my story was a secret to all but my doctors. I worked in the media and nobody knew I had an eating disorder, but upon recovering I gained the courage to come out and share my story.

I had a powerful belief that if my story could help one other person to know that they were not alone and that they could be helped, then all my suffering would feel worthwhile.

When the time was right, I departed my newspaper career and wrote my memoir. A decade on, I am engaged locally, nationally and globally in ED advocacy and I have a whole new family of support in the ED field.

I am passionate about using my experience to help others, about turning a negative into a positive.

If you share this passion, this yearning, to understand yourself more and to be understood, by writing your story, I will be pleased to be your narrative mentor. 

One-on-one mentoring sessions

My fee for mentoring/editing is $120 per hour for single sessions. 

This is discounted to Australian $80 per hour for 8 sessions or more, paid in advance. 

We can communicate by phone, Zoom or Skype, with email our main tool for written work. 

For details, email me directly. 

Group online narrative workshop

$120 per six-session block, to be paid in advance one block at a time.

Discount rate for first 12 people to enrol so get in quick!